Launch and Celebration Sterobac Wound Cleanser

Launch and Celebration Sterobac Wound Cleanser

On Tuesday April 26, 2016 Sterobac held a launch event and celebration of the release of a distribution license Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia to the product Sterobac Wound Cleanser. Thanksgiving was held in the office Wocare – Bogor and attended by nurses wounds and nurse academics Bogor area.

The celebration event was attended by the CEO of Capital Widasari Wocare Sri Gitarja, S.KP, WOC (E) TN, Chairman of the Bogor City Capital PPNI Yusnia Ritonga, Ns. Endang Muwarningsing S.Kep, WOC (E) TN, Head Nurse Poli Endocrine Pasar Rebo Ns. Ahmad Uwes. S.Kep and Ns. Sifing Lestari S.Kep, WOC (E) TN from Rumah Sehat Duafa Wallet.

STEROBAC WOUND CLEANSER is a topical product that was first used as antiseptic for the treatment of bacterial colony critical or acute infection and chronic wounds.

  • Reducing the number of micro-organisms on the surface of the wound
  • Effective for organic material such as blood, wound fluid and tissue necrosis
  • appropriate pH of the body, does not contain fragrance and does not require rinsing
  • Easy to use with practical bottle shape


STEROBAC WOUND CLEANSER is 100% Indonesian products are packaged in a 200ml bottle contains a unique combination of Amido Prophyl Coco Betaine and PHMB. Able to:

  • To cleanse and moisturize the skin tissue in acute and chronic wounds.
  • Help the healing process
  • Prevent infection in acute and chronic wounds.
  • Helps healing wound debridement
  • Relieve pain at the time of replacement bandages
  • Suitable for use in bandages or wound dressings

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